Piano Lessons for Children and Adults

Whether you aspire to be Mozart, Elton John, or Lady Gaga we can create a custom lesson plan for you. At Foxwood Music Studio, we offer fun, instructional piano lessons for children and adults. We teach all styles including rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, and classical styles.

Beginner Piano Lessons

Whether you are looking for piano lessons for your child, or are an adult looking to learn new skills, you will feel right at home in our beginner lesson program. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged by your teacher and learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of sight-reading
  • Technique and theory
  • Simple songs and melodies

Intermediate and Advanced Piano Lessons

Already mastered the basics? We have individual lesson plans for you! Once you have mastered chords, basic melodies, and sight-reading your teacher will challenge you with new techniques, dive deeper into music theory, learn different scales, improvisation, and even writing your own music!

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Voice Lessons for Children and Adults

Do you admire the smooth tones of Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé? Do you try to sound like Beyonce or Taylor Swift in the car? Whether you’re a beginner at voice lessons or come armed with years of experience, a your voice teacher can help set goals to guide you to your desired style and sound.


Beginner Voice Lessons

Children and adults alike will feel at home and welcomed in our beginning vocal lessons. A beginner taking our voice lessons will experience physical exercises to improve upon the following elements.

  • Proper breathing and enunciation
  • Vocal range expansion
  • Music sight-reading
  • Songs that are enjoyable to sing and perform

Intermediate and Advanced Voice Lessons

Already mastered the basics? Intermediate to advanced vocal students receive personalized lessons and vocal coaching with a focus on the following.

  • Vibrato development
  • Further expansion of your vocal range and unique style
  • Ear training
  • Tackling more challenging compositions and songs

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Customized private lessons, in-studio, in-home and virtual options

We offer lessons that are private one-on-one sessions in the studio, in the student’s home or virtually.  Your music teacher will tailor a music education program that best meets the needs, goals, and musical interests of the individual student. Your teacher is experienced in crafting lesson programs that will help each student succeed, and have fun while doing so.


Why take music lessons at Foxwood Music Studio?

Music has been referred to as the universal language. Data shows that one of the many benefits of learning music at an early age is demonstrated in a child’s enhanced ability to process language. Research points to increased neural growth and activity in children who participate in music education, and has even made a strong argument linking music study to improved spatial-temporal skills in children. So while your child may benefit from music education in areas outside of music, we can’t overstate how music serves to enrich and enliven our lives. 

Consider the many benefits of becoming a Foxwood student, and find out why we are the number one choice for music lessons.

Piano Lessons

Let’s get started! What can you expect at your first piano lesson? Your teacher will evaluate your level of piano proficiency to determine the correct difficulty level of repertoire for you to play.  If you are an experienced pianist, bring a few pieces that you love to play to your lesson.  If you are a  … Read more

Vocal Lessons

Lesson Materials What lesson books will be needed? Lesson books and sheet music will be selected after determining the skill level of each student. Lesson books, performance books, technique books and music theory books are frequently used.  Students will have to purchase lesson books.  The teacher will text you a link to the book that  … Read more