Vocal Lessons

Lesson Materials

What lesson books will be needed? Lesson books and sheet music will be selected after determining the skill level of each student. Lesson books, performance books, technique books and music theory books are frequently used.  Students will have to purchase lesson books.  The teacher will text you a link to the book that needs to be ordered. It is a good idea to have a bag that is dedicated for carrying your piano books back and forth to your lessons if your lessons are in the studio. In your home, it is best to keep all piano books organized in a place near the piano. If there are multiple piano students in one family, each student should keep their books in a separate location near the piano.

Are any other materials needed? Yes, please provide a composition notebook that the teacher will use to record your lesson notes and assignments for each week. A binder for single copies of music is also needed. It is also very helpful to have a container of sharpened pencils near the piano and a three hole punch is a good item to have, too.


Will there be performance opportunities? Yes, performing for an audience is an important experience for young musicians.  We try to schedule at least one recital/concert for students each year. Usually this recital/concert is scheduled sometime in the spring. Participation in the concert is encouraged, but not required.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

What if I need to cancel a lesson? Life happens… and your teacher does understand when this happens. Of course, advanced notice of a missed lesson is appreciated and expected. 24 hours notice is preferred, but your teacher does understand that situations can arise closer to the scheduled lesson time and they will be understanding if this does occur. Payment for a missed lesson will only be expected if no notice was provided.

What if the teacher has to cancel a lesson? Please know that the teacher will always do their best to not cancel a lesson, but sometimes this will happen. The teacher will always notify you as far in advance as possible.

Are there make-up lessons? No, since you are not paying for lessons on a weekly or monthly basis and lessons are marked paid for only when received, there are no make-up lessons. However, if possible, the teacher will try to reschedule a lesson that has been canceled for another time during the week.

Materials Fee

There is a one time fee per student due at the beginning of each year of study to offset the purchase of music books and printed sheet music.

For 2023-2024, this fee is $100 per student.

Recital Fee
There is a recital fee per student which is due prior to every scheduled recital.

For 2023-2024, this fee is $50 per student.

Payment Policy

What is a lesson block? A lesson block is four lessons. You may also pay for eight or twelve lessons at a time. You may choose the payment plan that is most convenient for you.

When is payment due? Payment is due for each lesson block prior to the first lesson of each block.

How will we know when payment is due? An invoice will be sent to you prior to the first lesson of the new lesson block.

In Studio Per Lesson 4 Lessons (-2.5%) 8 Lessons (-5%) 12 Lessons (-7.5%)
30 minutes $ 50 $ 195 $ 380 $ 555
45 minutes $ 60 $ 234 $ 456 $ 663
60 minutes $ 80 $ 312 $ 608 $ 888
In Home Per Lesson 4 Lessons (-2.5%) 8 Lessons (-5%) 12 Lessons (-7.5%)
30 minutes $ 70 $ 273 $ 532 $ 777
45 minutes $ 80 $ 310 $ 608 $ 888
60 minutes $ 90 $ 351 $ 682 $ 997
Virtual Per Lesson 4 Lessons (-2.5%) 8 Lessons (-5%) 12 Lessons (-7.5%)
30 minutes $ 50 $ 195 $ 380 $ 555
45 minutes $ 60 $ 234 $ 456 $ 666
60 minutes $ 80 $ 312 $ 606 $ 888
Small Group Lesson (Studio Only) Per Lesson 4 Lessons (-2.5%) 8 Lessons (-5%) 12 Lessons (-7.5%)
45 minutes $ 40 $ 156 $ 304 $ 444
60 minutes $ 50 $ 195 $ 380 $ 555